Here you can download books as pdf!

6B5 and 6N6MG datasheet
The integrated driver and output valve 6B5/6N6

7586 datasheet
Data sheet for RCA-nuvistor 7586

Arcturus book
Odd American data book.

Amperex book
Data book with Amperex transmission valves from 1963.

AVO book
AVO book with test data that we follow.

Brimar book
Data book from Brittish Brimar, mostly american types!

Eimac book
Data book with Eimac transmission valves from 1951.

GE Essental-bok
Amerikanska General Electrics databok

GE Five Star-bok
Amerikanska General Electrics data book with special quality valves

Philips databok från 1938
Philips data book from 1938.

Philips stora databok från 1972
Philips big data book from 1972.

Philips code key
Code key for Philips date codes. We register those.

RCA book
Last edition from 1975. The perfect book for you who are interested in American types. Also contains scematics and education.

Nyckel till RCA codes
Code key for RCA date codes. We register those.

STC book
Brittish STC data book from 1947.

United book
American United power valves, mostly triodes.

Databled WE300A och WE300B
Data sheet for the legendary triodes WE300A and WE300B

Western Electric 1941
Data book from Western Electric 1941.

Western Electric liten bok
A small data book from Western Electric.

1966 RCA transistor manual
1966 RCA transistor book.
1979 Philips semiconductor
1979 book about Philips semiconductors.

We recomend that you download those and read in your tablet!