Your old electronics shop, now on the net!

Welcome to our second shop!

Here we sell old electronics componens, that run out of time!

So surface mount, you need to shop somewhere else.

We have focused or buisiness on resistors, diodes, capacitors, transistors and IC.


From the 25:th of May 2018 GDPR was introduced to led the customer control it's personal details and how they are distributed. They need to be handled in a safer way.

We do not send customer details to third party and don't have much marketing by e-mail. We have also introduced a way to erase you ! When done, your data and your orders are erased from our system. Anonymous order data are kept on file for bookkeeping.

Unless you erase yourself, we save your data in maximum a year. We will inform you if your information is about to be erased.GDPR

We love to test !

We test resistors, diodes, capacitors and transistors. You receive our measurement when you receive our order. For foil capacitors we have marked thoe outer side measured by an ociloscope.

We both test for your savety and that we think its fun !

For IC we test 40-,45-,54- and 74-series logic IC. The othe ones we dont test.


Transistor-, diode- and capacitortester

Things that contains this generation of components

Telefuken radio
The first area that the transistor replacesd the valve was the radio. Came in the 1950's with Germanium transistors.

Philips K9
In the middle of the 1970's valves was replaced by transistors except the CRT in most TV's.

Philips K9 chassi
How the transistorized TV looked from the inside. Philips K9.

Apple ][ moderkort.
Apple ][ came out as the first computer with colour graphics 1977. The computer was based on the 8-bit 6502 processor, the TTL and memory IC's.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum och ZX 81
Siclairs cheap and popular computer was based on Zilog Z80 8-bit processor. Aklready on ZX 81, a custom IC could replace a lot of logic IC's.

Amiga 500
Already on the 1980's came the 16-bit processor. The most popular alternative to Intel was Motorola 68000 that was most sold in Amiga 500.

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