Transmission valves

Here you find our transmission valves. All valves comply to requirements in AVO VALVE DATA MANUAL.


Burn in transmission valves

Valves that is missing a getter contains air that needs to be removed before the valve is taken into service. Connect the filament. Check that no flashes occur.Connect a resistor of 1Mohm 0,25W in series with the anode power. This reduces the anode current so the valve gets a soft start. If you burn the resistor, just replace it. When the process is finished, no flashes occur in the valve.

Cheramic valves is burned in by just connect the filament and have it on for 12 hours.

Used transmission valves

This list contains used and tested transmission valves.


Type: 832A

Valve function: Dubbeltetrod:Gives 2x18W up to 250MHz

Available vendors: RCA Philips

Price: €44.39

QQE 06/40

Type: QQE 06/40

Valve function: Dubbeltetrod: Gives 34W up to 430MHz

Available vendors: Philips

Price: €59.19

New transmission valves

This list contains new (NOS) and tested transmission valves.


Type: 2C34

Valve function: Double Triode:Gives 2x16W by 50MHz

Available vendors: National Union

Price: €22.2


Type: 812H

Valve function: Triod: Gives 250W up to 30MHz

Available vendors: United

Price: €98.66


Type: 826

Valve function: Triode:Gives 53W up to 250MHz

Available vendors: Ken-Rad

Price: €54.26

Not tested transmission valves

This list contains not tested transmission valves.


Type: 2C39A

Valve function: Triode:Gives 27W up to 2,5GHz

Available vendors: Siemens

Price: €24.66


Type: 2C39BA

Valve function: Triode:Gives 75W up to 2,5GHz

Available vendors: Siemens

Price: €78.92


Type: 4E27A

Valve function: Pentode: Gives 375W up to 75MHz

Available vendors: Eimac

Price: €98.66


Type: 7842

Valve function: Tetrode: Gives 40W up to 1,2GHz

Available vendors: ITT

Price: €34.53

RS 686

Type: RS 686

Valve function: Tetrode: Gives 800W up to 110MHz

Available vendors: Telefunken

Price: €172.65

RS 1007

Type: RS 1007

Valve function: Tetrode: Gives 360W up to 200MHz

Available vendors: Siemens

Price: €162.78

YD 1270

Type: YD 1270

Valve function: Triode:Gives 200W by 1,2GHz

Available vendors: Siemens

Price: €123.32